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Tandoori Grilled Mushroom Open Sandwich

Fragrant, aroma is awesome of grilled vegetables. This is a very easy and quick sandwich for weekend lunch or for work lunchbox. Mushrooms are low in calories and valuable source of protein. Ingredients Mushrooms 250 grams. 1 Medium Onion Diced 1 Small Red Capsicum Julian Cut Salt to taste Lemon Juice 2 Tbsp. Tandoori Masala 1 Tbsp. or ¼ Tbsp. each Cumin Powder, Red Chili powder, Black Powder, Turmeric , 1/8 Tbsp. Crushed Fennel Seeds. Ricotta Cheese for Garnish Bread     Method Combine all the ingredients along with Mushroom, Diced Onion and capsicum except Ricotta Cheese and bread. Marinate at least 15-20 minutes. Roast them in grill or in a pre heated griller till they turn golden brown. Toast the...

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Sprout Salad from Scratch

This tasty sprouted mung salad recipe is super easy to prepare. •    Sprouts are packed with nutrition/plant based protein/alkaline,pure,natural whole foods  •    Healthy diet/ Law Carb Diet//nutty flavor/Ayurvedic Cuisine/taste kind of like salsa Ingredients: •    Sprouted Green Mung Beans, Brown Mung Beans, Black Lentils, Green peas, Brown Chick Peas, Fenugreek Seeds, Alfalfa Seeds, and Clover Seeds. 1 Cup•    Shredded Cabbage ½ Cup•    Grated Carrots ½ Cup•    Chopped Tomatoes ¼ Cup•    Chopped Onion ¼ Cup•    Chopped Fresh Coriander 1 Tbsp•    Lemon Juice 1-2 Tsp.•    Himalayan/Black Salt to taste Method: •    Steam Sprouted beans 4-7 minutes or soak in warm water about ten minutes and then drain water and keep a side.•    To make...

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Tea Masala and Dry Fruits Smoothie

A go-to smoothie recipe. It is energy boosting, healthy and delightful. Nutrition wise is almost a meal in glass with the goodness of milk and dry fruits. I would like to make this smoothie in a morning or as a part of after school snack for my son. According to your choice you can add cardamom seeds or Tea Masala or any other nuts like cashew. Make one and enjoy! Ingredients Dried Figs (Anjeer) 8 soaked for ½ hour and chopped Dates 6 soaked in warm water for about ½ hour Walnuts ¼ cup Almond ¼ cup Milk 1 ½ cup Dark cocoa powder 1 Tsp. Tea Masala 1 Tsp. or Cardamom seeds from Pods 3-4 (Optional) Honey 1 Tbsp. or...

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