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    My mission in the life is to nurture myself and others.

    To accomplish I have decided to get on mission to share my knowledge how to apply India’s ancient principles of Ayurveda to their meals and daily lives

    to live a healthy, happy and disease-free life.

    Hailing from the land of Vedas and Spiritual books like Bhagwat Gita, I was taught that everything in life has a purpose.

    It could be fate or kismet that pushed me to change the way I approach life during the Covid Pandemic.

    I had to learn that overcoming adversity needed real change and transformation.

    Even after 25 years in helping people attain Industry prescribed nutritious rich food, I knew that there was something missing.

    The soul, the chi, the love.

    I had to wonder and question myself as to where the spirit in all of the food we eat were at?

    The way we have been consuming food has vastly changed since the past few decades.

    It was disheartening to realize that we as a species have forgotten the roots of the food we eat.

    So, I turned to the oldest scriptures, the Vedas, the oldest testaments on the “Science of life”.

    I embarked on a new journey with ‘Live a Pure Life’ where people can learn the secrets to a healthy mind, body, and soul from the time immemorial sacred texts of Ayurveda.

    Our meal kits are utilizing key ingredients from Ayurveda following the ancient sayings,

    millets, mung beans, dals, spices etc. Millets, green mung beans are full of protein,

    dietary fiber and vitamins with abundance of health benefits which should be add in a regular diet.

    To take this initiative further we are organizing workshops which will focus on vegetarian

    ayurvedic way of cooking, ayurvedic lifestyle, selfcare and self-healing practice so that the unanswered question, is this healthy? comes to a happy end.

    I am here to help you in your journey to reconnect and recognize your inner divinity through the help of Ayurveda.

    Mother earth is waiting for you to acknowledge her presence within your life. Let Ayurveda and its teachings bring you closer to her.

    Join me in our workshop to help to achieve your goal of healthy living and learn the art of living.


    Best Wishes,

    Ragini Tailor 

    Bachelor of Science with Microbiology,
    Quality Specialist over 20 year’s in food and Pharma.

    Ayurveda Life Style Practitioner, Coach Over 25 Years


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