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    Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant/Cooking Classes

    Cooking Class

     Now you can master these skills and cook such ayurvedic nutritious food at your own house.

     We are bringing our secret recipes, self healing practices like yoga, meditation, mudras therapy, to you so that you can be the part of this movement and join us to make this world a healthier place.

     Let’s re purpose our ancient cooking style and cook one pot meal like as khichari and add a lot of value and nutrients in our life by adapting Ayurvedic principles.

    So, what are you waiting for book 1:1 consultation call or drop us a mail to get enroll in our holistic healthy workshops and be a part of this journey.

    For Booking,

    Call me at +1 (905) 794-2254 or email at


    Private and Corporate Ayurvedic Cooking Classes led by Ragini Tailor

    Healthy Life Style Consultant | Recipe Developer

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