Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

One can easily get swept away with life and not take the time to prepare a nutritious meal for themselves. 

Whereas, food can benefit a person on a high level. There are several ways to cook food in a healthy way. The ancient Indian cooking technique called Ayurveda provides techniques that can adjust your diet to live a healthy lifestyle. At Live A Pure Life, we can help you live a healthy lifestyle which can help you live longer without any issues in your body. 

Over here at the Live A Pure Life cooking class, you will learn the basics of Ayurveda, mainly surrounding the aspects of cooking a selection of foods that are right for you. You will learn how to prepare an easy to make winter meal, this allows you to make a meal that is less time consuming, healthy and delicious. The well-known Indian food named Khichari is a one-pot dish that helps you heal and cleanse your body. The Cilantro Chutney is very healthy digestive condiment, the Immune system Boosting Tea is perfect for preventing or fighting off seasonal allergies.


Private and Corporate Ayurvedic Cooking Classes led by Ragini Tailor

Healthy Life Style Consultant | Recipe Developer