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    From an authentic Indian cuisine, we bring to you Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices to make Herbal Tea also known as a kadha; it’s a traditional ayurvedic Indian drink, consumed as a chai or tea. An effective home remedy against cold, flue, cough, Immunity, makes you stronger and healthier.

    You can also make a various kind of Turmeric Latte.

    Each order contains high quality, individually packaged TEN organic herbs and spices with stainless-steel storage tin sets. 

    Recipes guide to make a various kind of Herbal Kava tea and Turmeric Latte.

    Our blends are roasted by the tradition way, thus spices enhancing the flavor and aroma and making the spices healing properties more accessible for the body.

    You will receive

    Stainless Steel Spice Box with handmade cover (One Steel Spice Tin, One Lid, Seven Small Tins, One Small Spoon)  
    Organic Turmeric
    Organic Ginger Root(s)
    Organic Tulasi Holy Basils (Ram Tulasi, Krishna Tulasi, Vana Tulasi)
    Organic Rose Petals
    Organic Fennel Seeds
    Organic Carom Seeds
    Organic Coriander Seeds
    Organic Cassia Cinnamon
    Licorice Root(s)
    Black Pepper


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